8 Bonsai Myths Busted

bonsai myths bustedYou will quickly find when you begin looking up information or talking to others about bonsai trees, there are a lot of myths floating around that simply aren't true. Of course, this leads to confusion for the person who wants to know how to grow a bonsai. Below are eight art of bonsai myths that should address many questions you may have.


  1. Bonsai is a Species - It is interesting that a majority of the population believes that bonsai trees are their own species, this is absolutely false. There is no such thing as bonsai seeds because nearly any tree or shrub (flowering or otherwise) can be used for bonsai growing.
  1. Never Water Trees Midday - Who knows where this myth started but it is false. Yes, it is unwise to waste water by watering your outdoor bonsai tree midday if it's hot out but it certainly is not going to hurt it. Sunlight does not burn leaves when it comes out blazing directly after a rainfall so it is not going to hurt your freshly watered bonsai either.
  1. There is a Right and Wrong Time to Cut Branches - There is a bonsai growing myth that says that the wrong cut at the wrong time will cause a branch to bleed to death. It cannot be proven that the cause of death to a bonsai tree is the result of a cut or other factors. In fact, the only species that don't tolerate severe branch reductions include birch, aspen and pines.
  1. There is a Perfect Soil Mix - Once again, soil mix is going to be reflective of the species of tree you are growing. When you are learning how to grow a bonsai, you must take the time to research your tree's species. Soil does a lot more than just hold your tree in its pot. It buffers chemicals, temperature and environmental stress while providing moisture and nutrients.
  1. Bonsai are House Plants - Although bonsai growing has become a very popular indoor activity, these are trees that come from nature. When given the right growing environment, bonsai trees will always flourish outdoors. For this reason, you should move your indoor bonsai tree outside when weather permits.
  1. Bonsai Trees Stop Growing at Maturity - Why would a tree ever stop growing unless it was dead? It may slow its growth rate down significantly but it certainly does not stop. Trees need to shed and grow needles or leaves, flowers and branches. So, although you may not have to trim your bonsai tree very often, it will still be growing.
  1. Fruit that Grows on Bonsai Trees is Dwarfed - Interestingly, the fruit that grows on bonsai trees does not change despite the fact that the tree or shrub is small. Therefore, a bonsai orange tree will still offer traditional-sized oranges.
  1. You Cannot Wire Bonsai in the Winter - As long as wiring is done properly, it will not hurt your bonsai tree to be left on while its dormant. Always follow the rules when it comes to wiring, keeping like-size branches together and allowing breathing room and you should have no problem.

It should really come as no surprise that there's so many myths regarding bonsai growing considering how long people have been participating in this art form. Until you really tackle your first tree, you can't fully appreciate just how intricate the process really is.