7 Reasons Bonsai Beginners Fail

Dead_BonsaiNot everyone who becomes intrigued by these tiny trees will be proven successful in their growing mission. Bonsai trees are not ferns that you can place in your bathroom and let the steam from the shower transform them into intoxicating plants. These are trees that have special needs and deserve to be pampered. In return, you will receive great rewards. There is nothing better than having a living piece of art added to your décor.


Why a Beginner May Fail:

  1. Lack of Patience - Patience is one of the most important attributes that one must posses to be successful at bonsai growing. These are special, complex and time-consuming trees. If you don't have enough patience to wait for the water to come to a complete boil before you add your pasta, you will likely struggle with your bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are a long-term relationship that you will always need to give a little effort to.
  1. Giving up too Soon - Understand that you may not be successful with your first bonsai tree regardless how talented you think you are. Even if you have always considered yourself to have a green thumb, bonsai trees are unlike any other plant you have ever grown. If you fail, try again!
  1. Uneducated - This has nothing to do with your cutting classes when you were younger either! Many people do not take the time to actually learn how to grow a bonsai. The more that you learn about the tree species you have as well as tips for general care, the better luck you will have.
  1. Lack of Commitment - It is easier to have a cat than it is to have a bonsai. Cats are independent and if they need something, they will make sure that you know. Bonsai trees need attention, you have to maintain water, humidity and light requirements. You can't just go on vacation for two weeks without having a bonsai-sitter check on your tree frequently.
  1. Overly Ambitious - There are some bonsai trees that are known to be a little easier to grow than others. Choosing the most temperamental species for your first experience is just setting yourself up for failure.
  1. Bad Haircut - When you are learning how to care for bonsai trees, you will hear over and over again not to cut too much away at one time. That being said, it remains a common occurrence. Keep in mind, these trees grow slowly so if you provide yours with a bad haircut, you are the one of those who has to look at it. At the same time, this is no reason to get rid of it. The foliage will eventually grow back just like your bangs did in third grade when you cut them all off.
  1. Expecting Too Much - One of the most common reasons why new enthusiasts fail at bonsai growing is that they expect too much to happen too fast. You need to face the fact that you likely will make a mistake here and there and you might even kill a tree or two, this is normal. Growing bonsai is an art, one that requires time to develop and perfect. All good things are worth waiting for and bonsai trees certainly are rewarding!